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[X - ZERO TOLERANCE RULES - UNAPPEALABLE BAN FOR THESE OFFENSES – These Rules Apply in all SACRP Related Discords, servers and forums]

  • [X-01] Jokes, memes or statements [text or image] regarding Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender or Disability. Includes all slang or shortened versions of these offensive terms.
  • [X-02] Publicly threatening self-harm or suicide. Inciting other individuals to do so as well. [SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255]
  • [X-03] Sending any content displaying or discussing child abuse of any kind [THIS WILL BE REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT]
  • [X-04] Sending or threatening to send, any link to a virus, IP Collector, or other malicious material.
  • [X-05] Use of any mod menu, injector, cheat, or other tool not provided by the server that can affect gameplay for others.
  • [X-06] Abuse of any glitch/bug in FiveM, GTA, or the Server's Resources, for personal gain or to negatively impact the gameplay for others.
  • [X-07] Threats or Acts of violence outside of the scope of role play.
  • [X-08] Threats or attempts of DDoS, Hacking, or blackmail against the community or its members.

1.0 - GLOBAL RULES - Apply in ALL SACRP FiveM Servers, Discords, and any other platforms associated with SACRP

  • 1.01 - No disrespecting other members beyond the scope of Role playing.
  • 1.02 - No spamming, harassing, or otherwise being toxic towards anyone in the community. If you are asked to stop, then do so.
  • 1.03 - No disrespecting other communities or attempting to start drama between them
  • 1.04 - No impersonating a staff member or another member of the community
  • 1.05 - No sending any form of pornography, gore, or abusive material on any of our platforms
  • 1.06 - No advertising any other Discord Server or Game Server, via DMs or public chats, unless given direct authorization from a management member.
  • 1.07 - Using a red name in-game is permitted only for staff
  • 1.08 - No using any unrealistic/disruptive voice changer in RTO or In-Game [Staff Discretion]
  • 1.09 - No using any form of crosshair to gain an advantage in-game

DISCORD SPECIFIC RULES - Apply in ALL SACRP Discord Servers, as well as any of our forums/text channels

  • 1.10 - Jokes, texts, emotes and images must remain at a PG-13 level. Any obscene/adult content will be deleted. If you are warned by staff about your posting, please listen.
  • 1.11 - Do not advertise or discuss other discord servers via public channels or unsolicited DMs
  • 1.12 - Do not spam public channels in the discord. This can include repeating text or repeatedly tagging people. If you wish to annoy your friend, take it to DMs.
  • 1.13 - Do not DM members of staff unless you have tried asking in general chat & making a support ticket with no response for 30 minutes.
  • 1.14 - No leaking DMs with staff to anyone or any chats without their explicit permission, unless it’s a part of a staff complaint. If you send DMs to an individual who shares any SACRP related Discord with you, those DMs can be used against you as evidence. If they are outside SACRP related Discords, unless breaking Discord TOS directly, they cannot be used against you as evidence.
  • 1.15 - Use common sense
  • 1.16 - Do not attempt to start or spread drama. This also refers to diminishing an individuals reputation. If this rule is broken please report it appropriately.


  • 1.17 - Donators are appreciated, but you DO NOT have any exemptions from the rules
  • 1.18 - Donators may share personals, but MAY NOT sell access to others. Donators also CANNOT grant “partial ownership” of a personal item.
  • 1.19 - On occasion, a announcement will go out. With this announcement a form will be attached, asking all donators with personals to fill out. If you neglect to fill this form out, your personal will be removed from the server and will not be added back in unless directly approved by Ownership.
  • 1.20 - Donator perks may be revoked by SACRP Management if you violate the rules or abuse the perks of being a donator.
  • 1.21 - Create a ticket for purchase assistance, do NOT DM any of the high staff [Management, Owners]


  • 2.01 - You must be within Whitelisted Civilian in order to roleplay the following scenarios: DUI, Serial Killer, Animal RP, security, Police Informant and Hitman RP.
  • 2.02 - Management and above must authorize: Bomb, Police Impersonation, Terrorism or Military roleplay scenarios.
  • 2.03 - Absolutely no violent crimes against EMS/FIRE or kidnapping of units.
  • 2.04 - Gang Roleplay is not allowed unless you join a Certified Gang. You MAY NOT consider yourself a gang unless authorized by Gang Management. [No, Green & Purple Gang are not a thing]
  • 2.05 - No sexual RP, Discussion of Sexual acts, sexual acts or sounds. Keep it PG-13 [This is a server with many children, please be respectful]
  • 2.46 - Kiddnapping an officer is restricted to Whitelisted Civilian and Whitelisted Gangs. You may not kiddnap an officer at anytime unless given explicit permission from a Management member +


  • 2.06 - Priority Cooldown is divided into County and City. City includes Vinewood Hills and below. County is everything north of Vinewood Hills.
  • 2.07 - If priorities are on HOLD or a cooldown is in affect for your area, DO NOT create any violent crimes [includes shooting in populated areas], or flee from police.
  • 2.08 - When peacetime is in effect, ONLY passive roleplay is permitted. This means ONLY non-violent RP.
  • 2.09 - Police Stations, hospitals and Fire Stations are **SAFE ZONES**. No violence is permitted
  • 2.10 - Fleeing to a safe zone to benefit yourself from being killed or kidnapped is not permitted. This is considered FailRP.


  • 2.11 - Forcing someone to take part in any RP scenario who notifies you [out of character] that they do not wish to participate is prohibited.
  • 2.12 - Using RP to attempt to negatively affect other's experience [example: Saying you are having a heart attack every time you get arrested] is prohibited.
  • 2.13 - This rule does not apply in any way that would prevent LEOs from responding to your actions. [ex. You CANNOT say you do not want to roleplay just to avoid a ticket or jail time]


  • 2.14 - If someone has you at gunpoint/knifepoint you must comply. You are not allowed to turn around and kill them or run away.
  • 2.15 - Do not put yourself in excessive danger without a thought-out reason. You must value your life and safety unless roleplaying under special circumstances.


  • 2.16 - You must stay in character throughout your time on the server [use text chat to ask questions out-of-character]
  • 2.17 - Limit high-priority calls [robberies, shootings, etc.] and do not start them constantly
  • 2.18 - Do not interfere with another scene, this can include going over and disrupting / ruining the RP
  • 2.19 - Repetitive or extremely disruptive roleplay can result in being told to stop the scenario. [AKA Quality of RP rule]
  • 2.20 - Bypassing the effects of a taser, running when locked in a room/to something via handcuffs, etc. is FailRP
  • 2.21 - No using outside sources of information [such as discord calls] without an earpiece or phone in-game. Use of RP specific text channels for records [such as investigation logs] is allowed.
  • 2.22 - No using in-game features [such as overhead IDs] to gain an advantage in-game.
  • 2.23 - DO NOT purposefully commit crimes in front of / be annoying towards / constantly follow around LEOs [AKA cop baiting]


  • 2.24 - DO NOT randomly hit players or vehicles unless you are in danger with no other escape [Vehicle Deathmatch AKA VDM]
  • 2.25 - DO NOT randomly shoot at or kill other players unless you have a roleplay reason to do so [Random Deathmatch AKA RDM]


  • 2.26 - DO NOT revive during a scene unless medical treatment has been rendered [This will take no less than 1 minute. Not just "I'll help you up"]
  • 2.27 - DO NOT respawn during a scene unless no one comes to you for more than 5 minutes
  • 2.28 - DO NOT return to the scene where you died for 5 minutes after your death
  • 2.29 - DO NOT use any previous knowledge from your past life. This also applies when switching between LEO/Fire/Civilian


  • 2.30 - DO NOT Steal any Vehicles from a scene you are not involved with
  • 2.31 - DO NOT Steal Emergency vehicles without any Roleplay leading up to it [If you steal a LEO car, you may NOT use lights/sirens]
  • 2.32 - No Armored vehicles or bulletproof tires
  • 2.33 - Do not use or save any personal vehicle without Permission from it's owner
  • 2.34 - Constant speeding/reckless driving/GTA Stunts are not allowed [See cop-baiting]
  • 2.35 - No driving on any runway or airfield. [Fort Zancudo is exempt for LEO trainings ONLY]
  • 2.36 - You CANNOT drive above 150 MPH roads. [Highways are exempt from this rule]


  • 2.37 - Civilians may NOT use a taser at any time
  • 2.38 - Sniper Rifles are not permitted except for those with proper LEO/Donator status. [Muskets are Exempt]
  • 2.39 - You cannot claim that your weapon is anything but a weapon, such as a nerf gun, BB/Airsoft gun, or replica.


  • 2.40 - Civilians may NOT claim to have planted a bomb on an aircraft.
  • 2.41 - Civilians may NOT "quick detonate" a bomb. EX. Throwing a bomb mid air and detonating it.
  • 2.42 - Civilians may NOT threaten to blow up a Government Facility.
  • 2.43 - Civilians may NOT use explosives to cause major terror (Terroristic RP)
  • 2.44 - Civilians may NOT explosives without purchasing the privilege on the store.
  • 2.45 - Civilians may NOT claim to have more than 2 Explosives on their person, instead the civilian may get more explosives from a bag or a trunk.


  • 3.01 - Must abide by all server rules, they are not exempt from anything
  • 3.02 - An LEO cannot roleplay as “corrupt”. Roleplaying as “corrupt” is not a valid excuse for any action
  • 3.03 - If already in a whitelisted LEO department past the probationary period [have completed your initial training] you CANNOT roleplay as a Community Officer
  • 3.04 - Follow the Department SOP and Global SOP at all times, this includes following Chain of Command.
  • 3.05 - Whitelisted LEO members and Staff MAY NOT dual clan
  • 3.06 - High Command members may only be High Command of one department at a time.
  • 3.07 - No Abusing in game permissions [especially when it affects players' experience]
  • 3.08 - No using a position of power to negatively affect another player's experience
  • 3.09 - To disregard [10-22] an active scene, either a Staff member or the Highest LEO must approve
  • 3.10 - Must follow all RTO Expectations when in the channel
  • 3.11 - DO NOT Disregard a scene just because it doesn't go your way
  • 3.12 - DO NOT ping everyone or here in your department channels. Use the appropriate role pings only.
  • 3.13 - No felony traffic stops or warrant arrests can be made during peacetime or in a Safe Zone. This is an unfair advantage for LEO.